No Matter what position N’Golo Kante has proved, he’s one of the most valuable players the Game has ever known.

A couple of years ago, N’Golo Kante might have been the most valuable soccer player in the world.

Leicester finished with 41 points before his arrival in August 2015, then Leicester finished with 81 points
after his arrival, winning the Premier League title in the history of modern sports. In August 2015, Leicester
The city signed an unknown French Midfielder from Caen for £5.6 million.

Chelsea signed the well known french midfielder for £32 million in July 2016. Chelsea finished with 50
points, which was the worst tally since club owner Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich bought the club back
in 2003 and it was before N’Golo Kante arrival to Chelsea club. After the N’Golo arrival Kante first season
with the club, Chelsea finished with 93 points & winning their fifth Premier League title. Now Leicester
City without Kante has almost slipped the same position to where they were before Kante arrived, with
44 points.

But you cannot ignore the fact that it looks like Kante itself worth 40 points a year. which is not quite
true, but you can’t deny that Kante is one of the rare players who could enhance the team performance
without putting a ball into the net. According to the research of University of Salford & University
Colleges of London has published a paper and supported this facts.

Knate has proven that how important each player is to a team’s success. But something has happened
which was never had before in the two season since then… this thing has happened in two seasons in a
row. The team doesn’t win the Premier League while Kante in his side. In Season 17-18, Chelsea finished
in fifth while in last year Chelsea Finished in 3rd Position.

“Kante has plummeted down the rankings in the last 12 months, probably because he was played out of
position for much of that time,” said McHale

N’Golo Kante has been posted higher up the field under the former manager Maurizio Sarri and current
Chelsea manager Frank Lampard. This discussion between BBC pundits Alan Shearer and Ian Wright
gives as a good summary of the general sentiment:

However, According to Sarri in that position, I want a player able to move a ball very quick. N’Golo is
very impactful for us, but this one is not his best performance.

In August Frank Lampard follow those ideas. “This idea that he wins the ball probably as well as anybody
in world football doesn’t mean that he has to sit in front of the back four and do that. He also has too
much in his game to drive forward with the ball, to lead midfield areas and win the ball back high up the
pitch. That’s what I want to give him the freedom to do.”

Even when France won the 2018 World Cup, Didier Deschamps Pull back Paul Pogba and make Kante
front of Pogba that given the kind of freedom that Lampard talks about.

Last season under Sarri, all of Kante’s defensive numbers declined except one. In his sole season at
Leicester, he made 5.22 tackles per 90 minutes and 4.65 interceptions, both of which led the Premier
League. In his two seasons under Antonio Conte, he averaged 3.67 tackles and 2.45 interceptions and

last year, he was down at 2.18 tackles and 1.28 interceptions. In the Leicester and Conte years, he won
possession in midfield an average of 4.85 times per 90 minutes, ranking in the top three in all three
years. Under Sarri, that number dipped down to 3.26.

Kante won the third-most possessions in the midfield among all Premier League players when the year
Leicester won the title. His teammate Danny Drinkwater, was no.1.

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