History and Structure of an Iconic Tournament | Australian Open Tournament History

The Australian Open is customarily held in the first month of every year. The new version of the tennis rivalry is January 17-30, 2022. Title members will challenge prizes for around fourteen days.

It is astonishing that a game like tennis, which is gigantically famous all throughout the planet, just has four significant competitions with the Australian Open being one of them. The French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open are the leftover three; these together structure the Grand Slam occasions.

Among these competitions, the Australian Open outweighs everything else on the grounds that it is the first of the four. The Australian Open history returns to 1905 when the competition started at the Warehousemans Cricket Ground in Melbourne.


It was initially known as the Australasian Championships before taking on the name as the Australian Championships for quite some time. It was not until 1969 the name Australian Open occurred.

Although it is selective to Australia alone, the competition has occurred outside the country. New Zealand has played host to two Australian Open titles in the past with the most famous coming in the 1912 season.

At first, the Australian Open timetable took the competition to different urban areas like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. It was subsequently concluded that Melbourne would be the unparalleled host city.

This choice was taken essentially because Melbourne was the main city drawing in a huge group consistently. It was chosen in 1972 that the competition would be played before over 140,000 observers, yet the Australian Open tennis plan took off higher than ever solely after the transition to Melbourne Park in 1988.

Amazingly, the transition to Melbourne Park achieved dynamite results since the attendances saw an inconceivable 90% leap very quickly.

The Australian Open has consistently been held in January, however, 1977 was the main year when the competition was held twice in one schedule year. This was because of a change in the Australian Open draw and the ensuing competition to December. Thus, there were two competitions in 1977 and the December plan proceeded until 1987 when ordinariness was reestablished.


A significant change in another course came in 1988 when the choice was taken to leave grass courts. Since its initiation, the Australian Open outcomes have not been set in stone just when playing on courts with grass. These were supplanted with blue hard courts and it has turned into a mark of the Australian Open.

Like every other significant competition, the Australian Open has additionally been won by a select number of hotshots on different events. Novak Djokovic is the dominant legend with regards to the Australian Tennis Open outcomes after having won the title multiple times. He imparts this record to Roy Stanley Emerson.

Before the development of Djokovic, Emerson held the record of six Australian Open triumphs for an extensive stretch. His triumphs as a whole, however, came in continuous years with the primary coming in 1963. Such unmatched control for quite a long time has prompted Emerson to be known as the legend of the Australian Open.

The focal court and principal arena at Melbourne Park are named after eleven-time Grand Slam champion, Rod Laver, who is viewed as probably the best player throughout the entire existence of the game.

Australian Tennis Open draw is organized so that the women last happens on Saturday rather than a Sunday. The women’s duplicates last happen on Friday that very day when the men’s semi-finals occur. Indeed, the copies last for the women’s game is the principal last of the Australian Open.

The blended copies last and the men’s singles last will check the finish of the competition. An aggregate of 2000 focuses is granted to the victor of the occasion and it is independent of sex. The men’s finalists get 1200 focuses while the women’s finalist will get 1300 focuses. The focus structure is like the copies game.

The significant number of focuses being granted to the ATP rankings is an enormous reward; it clarifies the explanation for tennis results Australian Open being distinctly watched by bookmakers and punters.


Very much like a portion of the new changes made to Grand Slam occasions, prize cash for the Australian Open Women Championships is comparable to the men’s game. Open Australia offers prize cash of $3.1 million for the heroes, while the sprinter up in every contest on the new club locales gets $1.55 million.



Huge homerun occasion is considered as the apex of tennis competitions and there could be no more excellent way of beginning a season than with the Australian Open. It is the first of the four Grand Slam occasions French Open, Wimbledon, and U.S. Open

Australia Open 2022 is the 108th draw of the global tennis competition. The title will be held in the Australian city of Melbourne once more, in the region of the SC Melbourne Park. The principal stars of current tennis Novak Djokovic, Garbine Muguruza, Roger Federer, Venus Williams-will perform on the courts of the game’s complex.

Homegrown bosses of racquets are not frequently charmed with wins. Be that as it may, who knows, possibly the impending arrival of the competition will turn out for them effectively?

The Australian Open is customarily held in the principal month of every year. The new version of the tennis rivalry is January 17-30, 2022. Title members will challenge prizes for around fourteen days.

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